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CPE Monitor™:

Information for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

What is CPE Monitor?

CPE Monitor is a national, collaborative effort by ACPE and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) to provide an electronic system for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to track their completed continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credits. It will also offer boards of pharmacy the opportunity to electronically authenticate the CPE units completed by their licensees, rather than requiring pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to submit their proof of completion statements (i.e. statements of credit) upon request or for random audits.

How CPE Monitor Works

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will receive a unique identification number (ID) after setting up their NABP e-Profile and registering for CPE Monitor (see How to Register for CPE Monitor). In 2012, ACPE-accredited providers will begin requesting pharmacist and pharmacy technician participants to provide their NABP e-Profile ID and date of birth (in MMDD format) when they register for a CPE activity or submit a request for credit. It will be the responsibility of the pharmacist or pharmacy technician to provide the correct information [i.e. ID and DOB (in MMDD format)] in order to receive credit for participating in a CPE activity.

The CPE Monitor system will direct electronic data from ACPE-accredited providers to ACPE and then to NABP, ensuring that CPE credit is officially verified by the providers. Once information is received by NABP, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will be able to log in to access information about their completed CPE activities.

How to Register for CPE Monitor

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are asked obtain their NABP e-Profile ID now at www.MyCPEmonitor.net to ensure their e-Profile is properly setup. To accomplish this, complete and accurate information must be provided. Any errors may result in unrecorded or mis-recorded CPE credit. In 2013, the service will make available the CPE data to boards of pharmacy who request information on licensee CPE as part of their compliance activities.

Set up your NABP e-Profile to obtain your ID

Benefiting Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

CPE Monitor will provide a secure, central system that maintains and tracks all ACPE-accredited CPE credits. This streamlined process will eliminate the need to file and maintain hard copy statements of credit for CPE activities taken from ACPE-accredited providers. Instead, online access to their inventory of completed credits will allow pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to easily monitor their compliance with the CPE requirements of the state or states where they hold a license or registration. Licensees of participating boards will no longer have to mail hard copy proof of CPE statements of credit to those boards.

For added convenience, the NABP e-Profile is available 24/7 for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to view a comprehensive list of the ACPE-accredited CPE activities they have taken. All information will be maintained in a highly secure environment. ACPE and NABP do not distribute any personal information for commercial purposes without consent.

Pharmacists or pharmacy technicians with questions regarding their NABP e-Profile or CPE Monitor should refer to the FAQ section on the NABP website or contact NABP Customer Service.

NABP Customer Service
Tel: 847-391-4406
Fax: 847-391-4502
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM central time

CPE Monitor™ error code explanation


Description/Corrective Action

Invalid ePID - Must Be Numeric (######)

ePID is not a number, provide a valid numeric ePID.

Missing ePID

ePID is required and was not provided. Provide a valid numeric ePID.

Invalid DOB - Must Be Numeric (MMDD)

Date Of Birth is not a 4-digit, numeric value. Provide a valid, numeric, 4-digit Date Of Birth (MMDD).

Missing DOB

Date of Birth is required and was not provided. Provide a valid, numeric, 4- digit Date Of Birth (MMDD).

Invalid UAN Number

Universal Activity Number (UAN) provided is not in the correct format. Provide a valid UAN.

Missing UAN Number

Universal Activity Number (UAN) is required and was not provided. Provide a valid UAN.

Invalid Date of Participation (MM/DD/YYYY). Date is in wrong format.

Date of Participation is not in the required format. Provide a valid date of participation in the correct format (MM/DD/YYYY).

Missing Date Of Participation (MM/DD/YYYY)

Date of Participation is required and was not provided. Provide a valid Date Of Participation (MM/DD/YYYY).

UAN Number Not Found

Universal Activity Number (UAN) provided is not defined at ACPE. Provide a valid UAN.

ePID and DOB do not exist on NABP file

The ePID and DOB combination are not on file with NABP. Verify the ePID and DOB combination is correct for participant.

Invalid Action Code

Action Code provided was incorrect. Only “I” for insert and “D” for delete are allowed.

Missing Action Code

Action Code is required and was not provided. Provide an action code of “I” or “D”.

Submission date for activity is beyond 60 day submission window.

Activities must be submitted within 60 days of Live Date completion for Live Activities and within 60 days of Expiration Date for Home-based Activities.

Date of Participation is invalid for specified UAN.

For Live Activities, the Date of Participation must match the Activity Live Date entered in the Provider Web Tool.

For Home Activities, the Date of Participation must between the Release Date and the Expiration Date entered into the Provider Web Tool.

Participant Count cannot be negative or zero.

For Non-Pharmacist Participants, the participant count must be a positive value.

Participant Count must be numeric

For Non-Pharmacist Participants, the participant count must be a positive number.

Participant Type must be one of the following D (Doctor), N (Nurse), or O (Other).

For Non-Pharmacist Participants, the participant type must be Doctor, Nurse, or Other.

Duplicate Record Submitted

Duplicate record detected.

Invalid e-Profile ID

The ePID is not on file with NABP. Verify the ePID is correct.

Fatal Error

A fatal system error has occurred.

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