1. The first issue that the pharmacist should discuss with MA is: [ CASE STUDY ]

2. Which of the following emergency contraceptive methods would be most effective for MA? [ CASE STUDY ]

3. If she elects to use an intrauterine device, which of the following potential complications should the pharmacist discuss with MA? [ CASE STUDY ]

4. If NM wishes to use an intrauterine device, when can it be placed? [ CASE STUDY ]

5. Which of the following conditions would be a contraindication to postpartum intrauterine device placement? [ CASE STUDY ]

6. For how long should LP be counseled to use a backup method of contraception? [ CASE STUDY ]

7. LP is considering pregnancy within the next couple of years after her husband returns from his upcoming deployment. How should she be advised regarding the duration of her implant? [ CASE STUDY ]

8.  Which of the following would be the best recommendation for IW? [ CASE STUDY ]

9. Which of the following statements about testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and intrauterine device (IUD) placement is correct?  [ CASE STUDY ]

10. Which of the following is most effective for pain relief related to intrauterine device insertion? [ CASE STUDY ]

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